Time is Gold

Yes, it sounds cliché, but we know firsthand the importance of this phrase. Some of our customers have managed to save so much time that they have reduced their distribution costs by 18%.

Average annual savings thanks to our optimization software

How it works

It is simple, upload your vehicles and services with a text file, and our algorithms will provide the most optimal routes.

Everything you need

Onerbox's optimization engine algorithms take into account everything you need to obtain the most efficient and tailored routes to your requirements.


The engine can simultaneously optimize multiple transportation routes, allowing for comprehensive logistical planning, reducing transport costs, and enhancing resource utilization.


The multi-depot feature optimizes transportation routes between various distribution centers or warehouses, efficiently allocating goods to the nearest vehicles, minimizing distances, and optimizing the supply chain.

Time windows

Time windows establish a flexible delivery schedule within specific time frames, considering constraints to meet set destination schedules. This increases customer satisfaction and avoids downtime during deliveries.


Defining trailers with different capacities is possible, enabling optimal assignment to suitable vehicles and routes. This maximizes each vehicle's load capacity, generating cost savings and greater transport efficiency.

Transport conditions

The engine considers specific transportation requirements such as loading and unloading to assign deliveries to appropriate vehicles, ensuring products are allocated only to those capable of transporting them.

Costs and benefits

Optimization is based on various cost and benefit parameters, including fixed costs, distance, and time for each route. By optimizing based on these factors, it identifies the most profitable and efficient routes, thereby optimizing operational expenses and resource allocation.

Driver rest times

By establishing driver rest times, the engine ensures compliance with legal regulations and promotes safety. It optimizes routes with mandatory rest intervals, avoiding violations, and reducing the risk of fatigue-related incidents.

Hazardous goods

Calculations account for the transportation of hazardous goods and comply with safety regulations. Routes are optimized to avoid densely populated areas or sensitive locations, reducing risks associated with hazardous materials and enhancing safety and regulatory compliance.

Vehicle start and end Points

The engine optimizes routes considering vehicle start and end locations, reducing empty mileage and ensuring an efficient return after deliveries. This saves fuel, optimizes resources, and is particularly useful for subcontracted vehicle fleets.

Precise calculations based on real distances and times

Real distances and times between destinations, accounting for specific vehicle characteristics, are used for accurate calculations. This ensures more precise and efficient planning and optimal distribution of deliveries.

Driver mobile app

The Onerbox driver app provides all the route information to your drivers and allows them to collect customers signatures and report any incident.


Know the situation of your fleet and compare the planned route with the real one.

Try it for yourself. Experience some of the features of Onerbox online planner completely free.