Flexible usability

We have developed OTR with the idea of adapting to the reality of any company. That is why we have devised two modes of use that allow you to make the most of it:

Stand-alone application

With it you can plan your shipping routes by entering data through a CSV file or manually. Create destinations, set restrictions and define all your shipment information. And then let OTR find the best route.

ERP Module

For large amounts of data, we allow you to automate the process. That's why the tool can also be initiated through the communication interface with the ERP host or any other software in which it has been integrated.

Key aspects

One for all. All for one.

Planning shipments is easier (and cheaper) if all variables are taken into account. That's why OTR works simultaneously on all three parts of the process.

  • Optimization
  • Anticipation
  • Planning


Tie up loose ends

Manage your fleet's dispatches by reducing the margin of human error. Secure all your departures with quick and easy organization. Get higher performance and take control of your deliveries.


Real-time efficiency

Being efficient doesn't have to be complicated; you just need to know how to interpret the data you already have. OTR does it for you so that you can find the route that best meets your logistics needs at all times.


Reports and statistics

Generate cost reports and routing sheets with a simple click. View detailed statistics and verify route feasibility. Calculate the profitability of future trips. Make it easy for your drivers and anticipate unforeseen expenses.

Sequenced deliveries
As easy as 1, 2, 3

Forget about making it fit, we take care of it. We analyze your data to get the best sequence of shipments. We optimize the route to adapt in real time to road conditions and your daily goals.

Everything counts

We help you get to the right place, at the right time. Our algorithm improves your logistical agility by taking into account multiple factors, both internal and those beyond your control:

Distance and travel time

We look for the shortest route to cover multiple destinations. And we found it.

Opening hours

We analyze customer-to-customer travel times to ensure that you always arrive within your schedule.

Prioritization of each shipment

We generate the sequences for you to visit priority destinations as soon as possible. Without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Cargo weight

Reduce fuel costs? We take into account delivery or pick-up weights at each destination.

Limitations of your vehicles

We take into account legal, physical and load limitations to prevent your trucks from encountering unexpected obstacles.

In addition to taking into account:

Traffic and road conditions, volumetric measurements of your vehicles, maximum unloading and driving times....

Go further, much further

We base our mapping and routing functionality on here.com, the best mapping solution, trusted by leading companies around the world.

All the answers in the palm of your hand

In addition, our mobile application streamlines the daily work of your carriers. It returns delivery results, confirms shipment status and facilitates electronic signature at destination.