In the right place at the right time

The GDC mobile application helps carriers around the world every day to know and report on their route plan.


GDC has all the information necessary to be able to make deliveries reliably without the need for paper.


Know in real time the status of deliveries or any incident and act on the route plan even if it has already been started.

Everything you need and more

Electronic signature

Collect the reception signature from the app.


Enter information about breakages from the moment they are detected.

GPS tracking

Know the situation of your fleet and compare the planned route with the real one.


A picture is worth a thousand words. GDC allows to attach images to the route plan.


Do not wait until the route has finished to find out about any incident that may occur.

Container collection

In addition to deliveries, it keeps track of the containers collected.

Manage your fleet

OTR is our solution for the optimization of land routes. With it you can reduce time and save resources when planning your distribution routes. Reach all your customers with as little effort as possible. Maximize your benefit. Take control.

Mobile and web

GDC is available as an Android app on Google Play and also as a WebApp in any web browser.