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The solution allows to plan and organize all the user's business expeditions quickly, avoiding human error that can produce high expenses.


OTR plans the best destinations sequence and looks for the most optimal route to reduce costs and time taking into account multiple factors.

The optimization is done in real time and allows the user to have the control of the factor or factors applied to obtain the results that are more suitable for his needs in each case. In the computation of the best route, it is taken into account factors as important as the volumetric measures of the vehicle, comercial agreements, unloading times and user priorities.
  • Time and distance
    Looks for the shortest route in time and distance that covers all the destinations.
  • Weights
    Takes into account the load weights to deliver, or to collect, in each destination to reduce fuel costs.
  • Schedule
    Analyzes the travel times to ensure that the deliveries or collections are done in the customers timetables.
  • Priority
    Generates sequences where prioritary destinations are delivered as soon as possible.
  • Trucks
    Analyzes the route paths to check the width and height of heavy trucks.


OTR calculates all the costs associated to a route:
  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • Driver
  • Vehicle

This allow the user to anticipate expenses or verify the viability of a route.
Reports are generated for transporters with the sequence information to be performed and the recommended route.