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OTR is an optimization software for terrestrial transport that allows to reduce costs and plannification times. It is suitable in different comercial fields as:
  • Freight
  • Support services
  • Comercial departments


OTR has two working modes: standalone application and ERP module.

Standalone application

This mode allows the user to plan and optimize routes from information introduced manually. This is achieved by creating destinations and constraints that must be followed to get the most suitable and efficient route.

ERP module

In this case, OTR receives the information (destinations, addresses, weights, etc) through the communication interface with the host (ERP) or any other software where it is integrated as a module.


The OTR optimization engine is also available as a REST API to allow it to be used by third party applications.
API reference

OTR has been already successfully integrated as a module of A+W Business Pro under the name of A+W Logistics Optimizer.

A+W is the market leader for software in the flat glass industry as well as the windows and doors business.