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OTR is a solution for route planning that reduces effort, time and costs


Expedition management

Make the most of your fleet and take the control of your deliveries.


Route optimizer

Save time and money with the most efficient route that matches all your needs.


Costs calculator

Know in advance all the costs and the profitability of your trips.

Delivery order

Sequence optimizer
Intelligent routing algorithms generate the best delivery sequences based on:
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Load weight
  • Customer schedules
  • Vehicle restrictions
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Truck support
Truck restrictions are considered in route generation.
  • Legal: no trucks allowed, turn restrictions
  • Physical: weight, height, width and length
  • Hazmat: hazardous, explosive or inflamable goods
  • Tunnels
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Map provider

Nokia HERE
OTR mapping and routing functionalities are based on Nokia HERE, the best mapping solution used by businesses such as:
  • Garmin
  • BMW
  • Oracle
  • Amazon.com
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Detailed reports for costs and roadmaps
OTR generates roadmap reports for the drivers and calculates all the route costs:
  • Fuel
  • Driver
  • Toll
  • Vehicle
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Use case

Route optimization example with multiple factors
1/8. A route must be planned with 15 destinations.
The vehicle has turn restrictions and should avoid tunnels.
2/8. Berlin is the starting and ending point.
3/8. Customer N (Bernau) only accepts deliveries between 8h and 10h.
4/8. 75% of the load is delivered in H (Ahrensfelde).
5/8. G (Eberswalde) and J (Eggersdorf) should be reached as early as possible.
6/8. E (Hennigsdorf) should be placed immediately after F (Nauen).
7/8. The route is generated taking into account all the requirements.
8/8. Route information is estimated and costs are calculated.